Blogging About Art

When entering an art contest be sure to pay attention to the types of art that is being considered. Don't enter a digital painting in a photo contest. It happens! Carefully read the rules. We list some of the most popular art contests.


Types of Art Contests


The oldest form of art. Early galleries were on cave walls and are still available today. There are many types of paintings, these oil, acrylic, pastel, spray paintings and watercolors. If the type of painting isn't specified in the contest announcement you have room for creativity. But check the announcement.


When you think of a drawing it usually uses similar medium to a painting. But the tool is different. Artists generally use pencil (including watercolor pencils), pastels, crayon, ink, chalk and charcoal to create the artwork.


With the explosion of phones with cameras and the general lower entry costs for cameras this is becoming a more popular form of art. Contests will often specifically look for photography or specifically not permit photographs.

Entering A Contest

Read the rules

The most common mistake is entering a contest without clearly understanding the objective of the contest organizer. Read the rules carefully so that you understand what the topic of the contest is (if any) and what type of artwork is permitted. Once you understand the requirements create your artwork. Don't try to fit a square in a round hole. Meaning, don't try to submit a work that you already have in a contest where your post does not meet the requirements. Understand the requirements and create a unique form of art for that contest so that you have the best chance of winning.